International Conference
on Excellence Initiatives

St Petersburg, Russia 30 JUNE - 1 JULY 2016

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Invitation to St Petersburg

Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 Office has the pleasure to invite to the International Conference on Excellence Initiatives to be held in St Petersburg on 30 June and 1July 2016.

The idea of the Conference is to bring together the agencies from all over the world involved in the implementation and coordination of Excellence Initiatives in their respective countries. The Conference will be a platform for:

  • sharing knowledge and exchanging experience in implementation of the Excellence Initiatives
  • developing collaboration between the agencies from different countries.

The Conference, among others, will discuss and try to find answers to the following issues:

What works well in organizing and implementing Excellence Initiatives? How to measure progress towards academic excellence among participating universities? Are rankings relevant instruments to assess the impact of Excellence Initiatives? How to guarantee the financial sustainability of Excellence Initiatives? What governance reforms are necessary to ensure the success? How can Excellence Initiatives work together in a mutually beneficial way?

Invited global experts on higher education will provide a broader breadth to the Conference: Jamil Salmi, Global Expert on Tertiary Education and former World Bank’s coordinator, Ellen Hazelkorn, Professor at Dublin Institut of Technology, President, European Association of Institutional Research, Waldemar Siwinski, Vice-President, IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence and Isak Frumin, Professor at Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

Aside of the Russian 5-100 Project, the prominent Excellence Initiatives Agencies, that have already confirmed participation, comprise, among others, those from Germany, France, Japan and Canada. University leaders of top 20 universities in Russia will also attend the Conference.

The Conference is by invitation only. Participants  are exempt of the conference fee.

If interested to participate in St Petersburg Conference please reply to the International Speakers’ Secretariat at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or pre-register on the conference website - submitted applications will be accepted where possible.



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